Animals – why?

then humans – why?

your life…emotions become mere emoticons

then praise and pride do not play a role

i do not care about others. why should i

will i not be questioned anyways?

it is like a dragon fly…where is the flames?

the innocent kitten don’t know y he has to be the dog’s rival…

the elephant feels discriminated…he should learn about humans

or do we show ignorance?

then we say the sea is calm…mind just got blown away….

child is eating…we are working…some times for no reason…

the train….very fast….do we tend to ride the impossible…i do not know…why am i watching?


I can’t

I Can’t Say…

I can’t say ‘I love you’ to the lion in her cage
I can’t say “don’t sterilize dogs as they should feel motherhood”
I can’t say ‘eat pork’ to a Muslim or ‘eat beef ‘to a Hindu
I can’t say ‘I love rats and mosquitoes’ even though they are still beings
I can’t say ‘I am proud to be a Muslim’ when my birth certificate says I am a Hindu
I can’t say ‘my name is Miss.Thurairajah and I am Singhalese’
I can’t say ‘I am a mother and I am a lesbian’
I can’t say ‘I see god in kindness ‘to an atheist
I can’t say ‘I hate my country’, I love the world’
I can’t say I am a firm believer of abortion to a nun
I can’t say ‘one should forgive someone who had killed 12 dogs’
I can’t say ‘you are immature ‘to a person having a doctorate in a UN conference
I can’t say ‘I don’t like you’ to a friend who does not matter to me
I can’t say ‘being promiscuous is human nature’
I can’t say ‘I am going in shorts to the temple’
I can’t say ‘my best friend is a sex worker’
I can’t say ‘I had an Italian dinner with the beggar near my street’
I can’t say ‘my dog is better than my mother’
I can’t say ‘my partner is living with HIV’
I can’t say ‘I enjoy watching porn’
I can’t say ‘my child has failed in all 3 exams’ to my relative
I can’t say ‘I prefer to eat with my hands’ in a 5 star joint
I can’t say ‘I am going to wear my pajamas for dinner with the ambassador’

I CAN SAY “I AM human’

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